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A lone crimefighter battles the forces of evil with the help of a virtually indestructible and artificially intelligent supercar.

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original title: Knight Rider

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Sci-Fi


imdb: 7.6

duration: 46min



keywords: vehicledrivingbyitself, privatedetective, forcesofevil, artificialintelligence, pontiactransam, transam, foundation, englishman, twowordseriestitle, characternameinseriestitle, 1980s, culttv, driverca

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Michael Long is a crimefighter who is seriously wounded during his work. Nursed back to health by a mysterious benefactor (chairman of the Knight Industries), he regains consciousness a new man with a new face and a new name: Michael Knight. His mysterious benefactor (through the guise of associate Devon Miles) provides Michael with equipment and support so that he can continue his crime fighting work. The most notable piece of equipment supplied, is "KITT", a high-performance sports car fitted with artificial intelligence. Michael Long is a policeman, while investigating someone, he was shot and left for dead. But a millionaire, Wilton Knight finds him and saves him and gives him a new face. It seems that Knight wants to wage a war against criminals who operate above the law. And Michael is the man he has chosen to wage that war. He has created the ultimate car, the Knight Industries Two Thousand or KITT, which is laced with a virtually indestructible alloy, and is also capable of moving on its own and also talks. He gives the car to Michael, and gives him the new identity of Michael Knight. Michael is assisted by one of Knight's associates, Devon Miles. Bonnie is the mechanic who takes care of KITT. During the second season Bonnie was replaced by April, as the new mechanic. The folowing season she left and Bonnie returned. The next season they acquired a new member, Reginald Cornelius III or RC3. Knight Rider is a classic show and one that made my youth enjoyable and worthy. However with hindsight it is a TV classic but not a great classic which it could of been. I will summarise why it is a notable show and how it was badly executed. First the strengths. The Pontiac Firebird is appealing and catchy, the music is good and notably memorable, the idea is fresh, new and exclusively modern instead of a traditional crime unit investigating we have gadgetry and technology and how this in a specialist manner is effective to fight crime in the mobility of a car and the view of the leading character consolidated in to the required fast action scenario. lastly it was done at the right time in the right decade.

Now the gripping negative aspects

The leading characters are wooden, adolescent and corny which goes hand in hand with the story lines making it more like a cheesy soap based and the exhausting quantity of episodes that dragged the series rather then the quality. For the scenario formula to work efficiently the leads should be limited and the quality of character has to be advanced, formal and deep. The criteria must be genuinely crime based and sophisticated such as trafficking, smuggling, vice, corruption and espionage with hardcore action but not violent for it to be viewable to a wider family audience within 3 seasons and a sensible amount of episodes whilst reaching its maximum potential. Knight Rider 2000 does insures some of these mistakes but the other spin-offs over do and spoil the original idea.

in short a notable TV classic but a tragedy not a disappointment I saw this TV series when I was only a little boy,around 10 or 11 years old.I love this tv series very much,the story was cool and the car kitt is so fantastic!it's really hard to believe that it was made in 1982!


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